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1. Choose Vendors

Choose the vendors to include in your lookup results. You can choose specific vendors by clicking the "Select Vendors..." button below, then clicking on the specific vendors you would like to include.

2. Choose Location

Please enter a location in the text field below. The location can be any of the following: a street address (with city and state), NPANXX, NSC, SWC, zip code, or city and state. Note that service lookup results will be against the wire center closest to the given location. Finish by pressing enter.

You can also re-select a recently used location by choosing it from the list below.

3. Choose Speed

Choose the speed of services to display in the lookup results.

Note: All speeds are in megabits per second.

4. Check Availability

To check service availability at the specificied location, click the "Check Availability" button below. The results will show up in the right panel.

Service Lookup Results

Location sensitive availability only applies to the following services: FRS, ATMS, IPS, PLS, SONETS, OWS, DFS, NBIPVPN, CIPS, L2VPNS, EthS, and BBEthAA.

Under the Universal contract, Management and Application Services, PBVPNS and CDNS is required to be provided wherever the necessary underlying telecommunication services are available. These underlying telecommunication services are available as indicated by the results of the Service Lookup tool.

Switched access for voice services is required to be provided at all domestic SWCs as necessary to provide purchased end to end service.