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Welcome to the Networx Unit Pricer. This site allows users to view and compare prices across Networx vendors as well as some basic prices from FTS2001 vendors.

Capabilities of the Networx Unit Pricer include:

  • Pricing all Networx CLINs
  • Totalling multiple price queries
  • Viewing and pricing associated CLINs of a particular service
  • Choosing varying date ranges
  • Downloading results

Use the Networx Unit Pricer

Text-only interfaces for pricing tools are also available for screen readers and for users without JavaScript enabled.

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GSA Accessibility Statement

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Browser Requirements

The Networx Unit Pricer requires JavaScript and one of the following web browsers:


This panel allows you to download a complete list of CLINs and a FTS2001 SCID to Networx CLIN mapping table.

Contact Information
If you have any questions, please contact:
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