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1. Choose Vendors

Choose the vendors to price. You can choose specific vendors by clicking the "Select Vendors..." button below, then clicking on the specific vendors you would like to price.

2. Choose CLIN

This panel allows you to find a CLIN. Enter a CLIN number, service, or description such as "Unchannelized T1" in the text field below and press enter to get a list of matching CLINs. To browse through all available CLINs, click the Browse Available CLINs button below.


Browse Available CLINs

You can also re-select a recently used CLIN by choosing it from the list below.

3. Choose Locations

This panel allows you to choose any locations necessary to price the current CLIN. There are no locations available because you have not selected a CLIN from the panel above.

4. Choose Date Range

This panel allows you to choose the start and end dates for pricing. You can select a pre-defined range or enter a custom date range by clicking one of the radio buttons below

5. Pricing Options

This panel allows you to adjust any applicable pricing parameters, such as quantity and bandwidth.


6. Price

To price the currently selected CLIN, click the "Price Selected CLIN" button below. The results will show up in the right frame.

Note: The result tables contain a lot of data. If your screen is too small to display the price tables, try minimizing the Options pane by clicking the "<<" button on the Options titlebar above.

Pricing Results Overview

Each pricing result is displayed in a separate panel below. The "Total Price Summary" panel provides a cumulative total of prices across all vendors and date ranges.

You may download or clear the entire set of price results using the toolbar above. The "Options" button on each result panel below allows you to download or remove individual price results, and the "Associated" button displays any associated components.

This window allows you to easily load, delete scenarios and view CLINs in a saved result. You can navigate to a specific scenario using the list on the left. Click on a scenario to view the list of CLINs in that saved result.