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This tool allows you to upload an inventory CSV file by creating an inventory layout to specify columns and then uploading the CSV file. Once an inventory has been uploaded, it will be available for pricing. You can also view inventory details by selecting an inventory from the Recent Inventory panel or if the inventory has been priced, the Recent Priced Inventory panel located on the right sidebar.

The panels below explain each step of the process.
Create and Edit Layout

This panel allows you to create, load, save, delete and edit a layout. To add a column, select a column type from the Column Type list on the left and click the add add column type button to add it to the Column Layout list on the right. To remove a column from the Column Layout list, click the remove add column type button. Once you have finished configuring your layout, save the layout and click the Begin Upload to begin uploading an inventory.

Available Column Types
add column type
add column type
Column Layout
Begin Upload

Once you have finished configuring your upload, select the file you want to upload and click the Begin Upload button below. With the File header? checked, this will flag the first row as column types during the upload and will not be counted towards the data set upload. To disable this option, uncheck the File header? checkbox below.

This panel allows you to delete saved layouts.
Deleting a layout will delete all inventories that use that layout.
To delete a layout, select the layout and click the delete selected button. To clear a selection, click the clear selected button.
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Help and How-to
Recent Inventory

View a recent inventory by selecting one from the list below.

Recent Priced Inventory

This panel allows you to view, delete and reprice a priced inventory.

Inventory Status

This panel allows you to you see the status of pending uploads and conversions.